Board of Governors - Missouri Athletic Club

Board of Governors

The Missouri Athletic Club membership annually elects five new Board members to serve three-year terms.

The MAC Board of Governors consists of 15 members, distributed across three five-person classes. Board classes are elected officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) for their third-year of service.
  • Officers

    • Troy Robertson
      Tracy Beckette Rebekah Bahn
       President   First Vice President    Second Vice President 

      Tripp Zumwalt
      Duffy Dunn
       Secretary    Treasurer    

  • Class of 2018

      Talmage Newton   Tim Powers   Mike Schoedel

      Paul David Shuff Jr.   Tim Slater    

  • Class of 2019

      Andrew Carter
        Matt Morris   Aaron Pawlitz

      Keith Phoenix
        David Smith