Amy Freeman - Missouri Athletic Club

Amy Freeman

Content Marketing Manager

Amy Freeman serves the Missouri Athletic Club’s communication department as its Content Marketing Manager. She is primarily responsible for managing the Cherry Diamond and providing strategic marketing direction related to digital channels such as the website, e-mails, and social media.

Amy loves the challenge of crafting a message and delivering it in a way that best resonates with its intended audience. Looking for the best way to send a message? Contact Amy.

Background & Experience
Amy joined the MAC staff in October 2014, and brought more than seven years of marketing, advertising, and communication experience to the position. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri State University, and she earned a Master of Arts degree in communication from Saint Louis University.

Looking towards the future, Amy is excited to apply her background and experience to increasing digital communication and engagement between the Club and its members.

Fun Facts
Amy is a native of St. Louis and a graduate of Lutheran High School South. When not at the Club, Amy embraces a reputation as an amateur foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants or recipes with her husband. To offset the fine dining, she likes to hit the gym or take a walk with her family.  

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