Adult Program - Missouri Athletic Club

Adult Program

Adults of all skill levels are encouraged to partake in the Missouri Athletic Club's tennis program.

The professional tennis staff at the Missouri Athletic Club is prepared to assist adults of all skill levels through private lessons and programs that vary throughout the year, such as:

  • Adult Tennis Mixers
    • All levels of play are welcome, and a MAC pro is available to match up players with similar skills and abilities for enjoyable competition. Doubles, mixed doubles, and singles may be played depending upon attendance and court availability.

  • Adult Tennis Clinics
    • Classes begin with instruction and demonstration of the day's topics followed by drilling of the new stroke and technique. The last half hour of each class is used to practice tennis skills in a game or game-like setting. During this portion of the class, the tennis pros give tips on strategy, court positioning and stroke production as well as guidance concerning tennis rules and etiquette. The goal is to improve each participant's tennis game and provide a good workout.

  • Adult Cardio Tennis Classes
    • This pro-led class emphasizes aerobic exercise in addition to improving tennis skills for all skill levels. The class utilizes cardio drills to provide a good workout.

  • Women's USTA 3.5 Drill
    • Participants of this class not only improve skills and get a good workout, but they also have an opportunity network with other members. Class begin with a quick warm-up followed by self-sustained and some pro-led drills. The last half hour of each class is used to practice skills in a game or game-like setting. During this portion of the class, tips on strategy, court positioning and stroke production is given by a tennis pro.

  • Men's and Women's Singles Match Maker
    • Life is busy, and sometimes committing to a weekly tennis game is hard. To accommodate members' schedules, a MAC tennis pro pairs interested players for singles matches that work with their schedule.

  • USTA Adult Leagues
    • The MAC hosts men's and women's USTA teams that compete on Sundays and hold practices during the week. Teams play on all levels, and the MAC is home to Men's 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and Women's 3.5 and 4.0 teams.

  • Men's Afternoon Workout
    • MAC tennis pro Patrick McNally leads this group of mostly retirees who know there is always something new to be learned from strategy, tennis tips, and stroke instruction to match play!

  • Men's 55+ Interclub Match Play
    • Three competitive doubles matches are played each Thursday afternoon by members ages 55 and older.
  • Ladies Singles Clinic
    • This clinic includes singles instruction and strategy followed by game and set play for all levels. Players are matched according to ability to help ensure everyone has a good time. The clinic agenda includes 40-45 minutes of warm-up, drill and instruction, followed by 15-20 minutes of play.

  • Ladies Interclub Practices
    • Whether interested or not in competing, ladies can always join the interclub practices. The practices are a clinic and doubles practice rolled into one. The format each week usually involves a warm-up period, a drill period and a play period. Those wanting to compete are encouraged to participate in the practices. Attendees will learn and practice doubles strategies with their doubles partner the competition.

  • Ladies Interclub Match Play
    • The ladies interclub team competes in doubles matches against other St. Louis area teams. Ladies interclub is available for participants at all levels.

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