Robyn Dexter - Missouri Athletic Club
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Robyn Dexter

Content Marketing Manager

Robyn Dexter serves the Missouri Athletic Club’s communication department as its Content Marketing Manager. She is primarily responsible for managing the Cherry Diamond magazine and providing strategic marketing direction related to digital channels such as the website, emails and social media.

Background & Experience
Robyn joined the MAC staff in May 2019 and brings with her more than seven years of writing, editing and digital experience to the position. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University, where she majored in journalism.

Looking toward the future, Robyn is eager to use her storytelling experience to explore and share the rich history and future efforts of the MAC and its members.

Fun Facts
Robyn is a native of Columbia, Illinois and a graduate of Notre Dame High School in St. Louis. When not at the Club, she can be found wedding planning with her fiancé, reading, playing board games and attending concerts around St. Louis. She’s also attempting to run 365 miles in 2019—wish her luck!

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