Public User Account Setup - Missouri Athletic Club

Public User Account Setup

Setup Instructions

If you are not a member of the Missouri Athletic Club but would like to register to attend a public event, please setup a public user account by completing the following form.
Note: Please setup the account for the person attending the event. If you are a parent or guardian registering a child for an event, please include your name in the “Registrant” field followed by your relationship to the attendee. If you need to create multiple accounts for multiple children, please create a different username for each account.

A member of our staff will verify your account information within 24 hours. Then you will receive a confirmation email and be able to login from the Member Login screen. Your account will expire in 90 days.
Please contact with any questions.

Registration Instructions

Once your account has been verified, follow these instructions to register for public events.

Select your Affiliation
* First Name
* Last Name
Registrant Full Name
Relationship to Attendee
* Primary Email Address
* Username
* Password
* Please list any friends,
family members, or co-workers who
are currently MAC members.
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