The Missouri Athletic Club's Foundations support the Club's values of tradition, community and culture.

Members are encouraged to support the Club's philanthropic nature and its foundations.

MAC Sports Foundation

The mission of the MAC Sports Foundation is to further encourage and recognize outstanding achievements in the field of athletics and, in connection therewith, to select for public recognition those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to and achievement in the fields of sports and athletics.


Charitable Society for Children

The MAC Charitable Society for Children (CSC) is an extension of the MAC Sports Foundation and operates as a Club Within the Club. It annually donates money to three local children's charities.

Since 2005, the CSC has donated nearly $500,000 from generous MAC members and employees to more than 50 deserving charities across the St. Louis region. Each year, the CSC seeks nominations of local children’s charities, and selects three to support. Through Club events and member engagement opportunities, the CSC raises awareness and funding in support of their three selected charities.

Depending on the unique needs of an organization, volunteer opportunities to serve a CSC charity might also be planned throughout the year. Money is raised and held in escrow until January of the following year, at which time the money is divided equally and distributed to the three deserving charities during a check presentation ceremony. From time to time, this year-long exposure will inspire members and their families to develop legacy relationships that continue to impact a charity beyond this initial year of CSC support. Through the MAC Charitable Society for Children, we are enriching lives in our community to create a brighter future across generations.

2024 CSC Charities




Foundations' Month

For an entire month, the focus is on creating awareness and educating members about the Club's foundations, mission and impact.

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