Introducing the New Missouri Athletic Club Mobile App!

The Missouri Athletic Club is thrilled to announce the launch of its new mobile app—a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your Club experience like never before.

Featuring a host of innovative features and a user-friendly interface, the MAC mobile app is poised to redefine convenience, connectivity, and engagement for the Club's esteemed members.

First, Open your device's app store - it's typically labeled as "App Store" for iOS devices and "Google Play Store" for Android devices.

Next, in the search bar of your app store, type "Missouri Athletic Club" and press enter. Look for the official Missouri Athletic Club app icon.

Last, once your find the "Your MAC" app, simply tap the "Download" button next to it. After the download is complete, open the app and follow the prompts to start enjoying all the exciting features!

Primary Members

Username: Your member number (5 characters; add a “0” before if less than 5 characters)
Please note: Member numbers beginning with a letter will add "0" after such letter, for example, E0405

Password: Your last name in lowercase


  • Username: 00405

  • Password: smith


Spouses/Dependent Members

Ensure you have an A after your member number (B, C, D, etc.)

Username: Member number followed by “A”
Please Note: Member numbers beginning with a letter will add "0" after such letter, for example, E0405A

Password: Your last name in lowercase


  • Username: 00405A

  • Password: smith

Enable App Notifications & Location Services

Enabling notification and location service settings ensures that members can fully maximize the benefits of the MAC mobile app:
  • Stay Updated: Push notifications keep members informed about upcoming events, important announcements, and exclusive offers, enhancing their overall Club experience.

  • Personalized Experience: With location services enabled, the app can provide relevant information based on the member's proximity to Club facilities and events.

  • Convenience: Notifications and location services make it easier for members to access relevant information and services quickly, improving convenience and efficiency in managing their Club activities.

By enabling these settings, members can enjoy a seamless and tailored experience with the MAC mobile app, ensuring they never miss out on any Club happenings and can make the most of their membership.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Calendar of Events: Stay organized and never miss out on any Club activities or special occasions with the interactive event calendar.

  • Dining Reservations and To-Go Orders: Easily book dining reservations and place food orders to-go with just a few taps, making meal planning a breeze.

  • Push Notifications: Stay updated on all MAC happenings with push notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop on upcoming events and important announcements.

  • ​Personalized Training Requests: Request personal training sessions or lessons for your favorite Club activities, empowering you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Instant Support: Connect with the Membership team through in-app chat, getting instant support and answers to your questions.

  • Event Photo Albums: View event photo albums and share your own memories with the MAC community, fostering lasting connections and capturing special moments. 

Join the Launch Celebration

On Wednesday, May 8, you won't want to miss the launch celebration at the Downtown Clubhouse in the Sportsman's Club from 12-1 p.m., followed by a celebration at the West Clubhouse in the 1903 Dining Room from 5-6 p.m.

Explore the new app and enjoy refreshments with fellow members!

Quick Answers

How do I download the new MAC mobile app? 

To download the new MAC mobile app, go to your device's app store and search for "Missouri Athletic Club" to find Your MAC mobile app.

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What are my login credentials for accessing the app? 

Your login credentials for accessing the app are your member number, which consists of 5 digits. If your member number is less than 5 digits, be sure to add 0's before it. Dependents will use their member number and assigned letters (A, B, C, etc.) as their login credentials. If your member number begins with a letter, you will enter that first, followed by the appropriate digits.

Your password is your last name in lowercase letters. Members will have the opportunity, once logged in, to change their password if they choose.

Will my previous app login information still work? 

Unfortunately, no. Your previous app login information will not work with the new app. In fact, the old app will soon become obsolete. It's crucial that all members download and access the club's scheduling and various other amenities through the new app. 

Can I access all the features of the new app on my device? 

Absolutely! You can access all the features of the new app on your device, and so much more. The new app offers an array of enhanced functionalities to enrich your MAC experience. 

Where are my existing reservations and bookings? I don't see them in the new app!

Rest assured, our team is diligently working to ensure a smooth transition for all members. Your MAC Athletics, Fitness, Catering, and Events are fully equipped and working daily to bring over all existing reservations into the new app. Your bookings and reservations are still secure, and you will notice them as they are updated with the new technology. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete this transition. Please contact us if you have specific questions during this time regarding your booking and/or reservations.

What should I do if I encounter any issues with the app? 

If you encounter any issues with the app, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. You can contact [email protected] for technical support, or feel free to reach out to Membership for any other inquiries or assistance you may need.