Leadership - Missouri Athletic Club


The Missouri Athletic Club's mission is to be the premier athletic, dining, and social club for business, professional and civic leaders and their families in the St. Louis region. As a result, the Club is comprised of leaders and influencers who support the Club in various ways, specifically:

  • Board of Governors: The Board of Governors consists of 15 members elected by the members. Each year, five new Governors are elected to the Board to serve a three year term. For their third-year of service, Board classes are elected officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary). The Board of Governors manages the property, affairs and business of the Club, and controls, regulates, and supervises the conduct of members.
  • Committees: Annually, the President, with approval from the Board, appoints committees for Membership, Finance, Governance, Planning, and Audit and designates a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson or Co-Chairperson of each. 
  • Staff: On average, the MAC employs 300 staff members who are skilled at providing the highest level of service to members. Ten senior staff members lead the Club's departments and operations. The General Manager has authority over all the operating functions within the clubhouses and all employees.
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