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West Clubhouse Phase Two Construction [UPDATED]
The MAC is kicking off the new fiscal year by getting started on the next big update!


The MAC is kicking off the new fiscal year by getting started on the next big update! At August's meeting, the Board of Governors approved moving forward with Phase Two of the West Clubhouse upgrades. This project stems from a membership survey, and the MAC is excited to continue enhancing the member experience by making the MAC facilities the best they can be.

Please keep the below factors in mind in the coming months during construction:

  • Cardio equipment will be moved to the weight room and mezzanine.
  • Spinning classes and group exercise classes will be relocated, and some class times will be affected. Click here for modified schedules
  • Racquetball courts will be closed during renovation for improvements. 
  • During construction, members will be able to access the fitness department through the fitness entrance or the upper-level hallway from other entrances.

Click here to zoom in on the floor plans

Doubling Down on Fitness


For months, upgrades and improvements have been consistently integrated into the fitness facilities of the MAC West Clubhouse. Phase One was revealed in full at the beginning of 2019, featuring renovated walls, flooring and new equipment for a more modern, premier atmosphere. These initial upgrades and renovations were met with praise from members, and Athletic Director Jeff Tuhro said the primary comment he heard from members was that it turned out “better than they imagined.”

But Phase One was only the beginning. Just weeks ago, construction began on Phase Two of the fitness facilities. Visitors to the West Clubhouse will notice parts of the building have temporary walls put up while construction is being done and walls are being taken down. Cardio equipment has been moved to the weight room and the mezzanine, and spinning classes and most other group exercise are taking place in the gym. Racquetball courts are currently closed during renovation, and racquetball players are encouraged to use the Downtown Clubhouse courts during this construction period. But all of these situations are temporary, as the Club makes way for better facilities to match the look of the Phase One improvements.  

“We’re going to create spaces that will be properly sized, and [Phase Two] will mimic that whole new modern look and flow. It’ll be more open and have better equipment,” Tuhro says.

For starters, the lower-level cardio room and group exercise room are being opened up by taking out a wall to create one large cardio room. The space will house rows of treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes – all facing the outer wall. The larger space will allow for more equipment and will have space for better TVs on the walls.

The second cardio room and spinning/yoga room will be combined into one space, with the entire center wall taken out. The space will contain kettlebells and heavy bags, lined with benches in the middle. Treadmills, water rowers and assault bikes will have their places in this space, too. The functional high-intensity room will be home to boot camps and total body resistance exercises.

Spinning is a popular class at the West Clubhouse, but it’s never had its own studio. With Phase Two, that will change. The fifth racquetball court will be converted into a large spinning studio with leaderboard technology, which Tuhro said will allow participants to see their statistics on the wall and compete with others in their class.

Additionally on the lower level, a new space will offer new types of stretching packages that will benefit all members.

“For the first time ever, we’re going to bring physical therapy into the Club,” Tuhro says. “A lot of people go elsewhere for physical therapy, and they end up with six people to one physical therapist. We’re looking at a company right now that will only do one-on-ones and only handles private clubs.”

Tuhro said having an in-house physical therapy group will allow for a great relationship to form between the physical therapists and the MAC training staff, and they’re looking forward to being able to help serve members in-house. The new assessment space will also offer metabolic testing, where members can find out how their bodies burn energy and use oxygen. “It’s geared specifically for you to get the best workout you possibly can in the shortest amount of time,” Tuhro says. “If you’re trying to lose weight, this’ll help feed into nutrition plans. It’s breaking it down into deeper science, not just generalizations.”  

Another huge feature coming to the MAC West Clubhouse is a space geared specifically to kids who have aged out of the child care facility – for those between around 5 and 12 years old. While plans are still being developed for this space, features could include climbing-type walls, interactive games on the walls and more. Children would also be able to host their birthday parties in this area.

The space directly above on the upper level will be a classroom for camps like the American Girl Camp and Little Veterinarian School. The room will also be used for programming and could possibly grow to include study halls in the evenings, music lessons, private tutoring and more, Tuhro said. Plans include smart boards for instruction-type classes and a soft seating area to serve as a hang-out spot for kids.

“We’ll be able to do a lot more programs and keep our members in the Club and save them money by not having to have multiple memberships,” Tuhro said.

Phase Two construction will be taking place throughout the remainder of 2019, but current plans slate the end of the project to be early 2020.

For the latest news on the upgrades, keep an eye on the MAC website. Upcoming issues of the
Cherry Diamond will feature mini-stories on sections of the Phase Two project as they are completed.

Read the October issue of the Cherry Diamond here.

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