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West Clubhouse Phase Two Now Open
The Phase Two fitness project is officially open! Learn more here.

Phase Two Officially Open!

After months of work and anticipation, the Phase Two fitness project has been revealed! Stay tuned for video footage of the new spaces, and register for classes here.

Reopening Update

Exciting news! The final touches of our West Clubhouse fitness project will be performed starting at 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21 when we will close the fitness center for the weekend and reopen your new spaces at 5 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24! We're doing a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9 a.m. that day, as well. We can’t wait for you to see and enjoy your new facilities and programming!

If you need a workout that weekend, head to the Downtown Clubhouse and enjoy some camaraderie and competition at our longstanding Good Fellowship Day on Saturday, Feb. 22! Register here for some fun.

February Cherry Diamond Article

Fitness Update

The West Clubhouse is in the final weeks of its Phase Two fitness renovations, and the new and upgraded spaces are taking shape.

Athletic director Jeff Tuhro said drywalling on the project is complete, along with ductwork and installation of the sprinkler system. As of the second week of January, the crews were beginning work on the ceilings and starting to paint. Flooring for the cardio room, spinning room, high intensity room and the hallways was delivered on Jan. 8 and was set to be installed in the near future. The metabolic assessment software had been ordered and was on its way, and furniture for the hallways and common areas had been purchased and installed upon delivery. Tuhro also noted that in addition to glass installation on the back wall of the racquetball courts, the courts’ floors will also be sanded, abraded and rescreened.

“We’re getting near the end,” he said.

Youth Programs Update

The finished Phase Two project will feature two new spaces for MAC youth: the youth classroom and the youth activity space. Programs manager Joy Holdmeier said use of the youth classroom will be in full swing by spring break, complete with smart board technology, hookups for laptops and more. She noted that some of the programming members can look forward to in the youth classroom includes study hall, tutoring, babysitting and safety classes, little med school, art classes, music lessons and more. As of Jan. 8, plans were still being finalized for the youth activity room, but Holdmeier said the former racquetball court will be multi-purpose dynamic space.

“We’re thrilled to have a designated space for more camps and a space for kids to learn and grow,” she says. “Right now, we don’t have a space for kids to do homework or sit and read, so this room will be perfect for that.”

Spinning Studio Technology

Stages Flight is where entertainment meets training. It is an interactive indoor cycling display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually, rewarding their effort, while in a group environment, no matter what level they are currently at.

Register and check in now for a first-class experience. Registration can be found on the Stages Flight website. The MAC Club ID is nq558.

AudioFetch Technology

The AudioFetch technology offers cardio room users the opportunity to download the AudioFetch App from iTunes or Google Play and listen to TV audio directly from their smartphone or mobile device.Learn more about AudioFetch here.

January Cherry Diamond Article

Progress continues on the West Clubhouse Phase Two project as we move into a new year. In the month of December, electricians were busy running all the electric for the project, and the construction team worked hard to install drywall. “The build-back is underway, so the rooms are finally taking shape,” said athletic director Jeff Tuhro. He noted that the Phase Two project is all being worked on at the same time, so they’re not going room by room. Because of this, though, the majority of the rooms should be completed at the same time.
“We’re working on the lounge for the racquetball courts, so the wall has been removed to be replaced with glass back walls,” he said. “That space will include a lounge area with a TV.”

The team is finalizing the youth space and interviewing physical therapist companies. Tuhro said they’re currently in discussions with a couple companies at this time. In addition, all equipment for the Phase Two project has been ordered, and they’ve officially decided on and ordered the software for the spinning studio leaderboard technology. In the month of January, flooring, lighting and audio/video components will be installed in the spaces. Crews also plan to start installing equipment in the coming weeks.

December Cherry Diamond Article

As construction on the Phase Two project at the West Clubhouse moves into its fourth month, the demolition aspect has been completed. According to athletic director Jeff Tuhro, all steel structures and supports are in place now.

“They’ve begun framing out several rooms such as our spinning studio on the build-back,” he said. The first week of November, the West Clubhouse fitness parking lot was closed so the water main could be attached to the fire hydrant. This was to prepare for putting in the sprinkler system, which is part of the upgrades coming in early 2020.

“All equipment has been ordered for the functional training room, and we’re working on other purchases now,” Tuhro said. “We just had a demo of the leaderboard technology for the spinning studio to finalize that purchase, too.”

The spinning studio renderings are available now, giving members a preview of what’s to come. Tuhro also mentioned they were participating in a demo for the metabolic assessment software on Nov. 11.

“We’ve begun working on our new programming schedule for when we open,” he said. “Watch for future updates about specific technology changes and programming.”

November Cherry Diamond Article

After kicking off construction on the latest phase of upgrades to the West Clubhouse in early September, construction crews have been hard at work taking out walls and preparing for the next stages of renovation. According to Athletic Director Jeff Tuhro, the Phase Two project will continue to be in the demolition phase in the coming week as they rework the floor plans for the fitness facilities.

“They’ve cut holes in all the walls so getting steel in and out is much easier,” he said. “While we’re still in demo mode, they have to support areas with new steel structures.”

While nothing has quite taken shape yet, Tuhro and his team are pleased with the progress so far, and he notes that they will be able to start build-back in the coming weeks.

At the end of September, Tuhro and MAC general manager Wally Smith traveled to Fort Worth, Texas to interview a company called Concierge Physical Therapists about their physical therapy services in the hopes of bringing them to the West Clubhouse.

“They only work in private clubs, so they really get the relationship between members and employees,” Tuhro said. “We met and interviewed them and have heard nothing but rave reviews.”

They plan to move forward with the company.

Additionally, all of the equipment for the new functional training room has been ordered, and Tuhro and senior staff members have had meetings with designers to go over flooring types in each room. They’ve also had meetings with Walltopia, a company that is putting together a bid and proposal for the kid’s area of the upgrades.

October Cherry Diamond Article

For months, upgrades and improvements have been consistently integrated into the fitness facilities of the MAC West Clubhouse. Phase One was revealed in full at the beginning of 2019, featuring renovated walls, flooring and new equipment for a more modern, premier atmosphere. These initial upgrades and renovations were met with praise from members, and Athletic Director Jeff Tuhro said the primary comment he heard from members was that it turned out “better than they imagined.” But Phase One was only the beginning. Just weeks ago, construction began on Phase Two of the fitness facilities. Visitors to the West Clubhouse will notice parts of the building have temporary walls put up while construction is being done and walls are being taken down. Cardio equipment has been moved to the weight room and the mezzanine, and spinning classes and most other group exercise are taking place in the gym. Racquetball courts are currently closed during renovation, and racquetball players are encouraged to use the Downtown Clubhouse courts during this construction period. But all of these situations are temporary, as the Club makes way for better facilities to match the look of the Phase One improvements.  

“We’re going to create spaces that will be properly sized, and [Phase Two] will mimic that whole new modern look and flow. It’ll be more open and have better equipment,” Tuhro says.

For starters, the lower-level cardio room and group exercise room are being opened up by taking out a wall to create one large cardio room. The space will house rows of treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes – all facing the outer wall. The larger space will allow for more equipment and will have space for better TVs on the walls.

The second cardio room and spinning/yoga room will be combined into one space, with the entire center wall taken out. The space will contain kettlebells and heavy bags, lined with benches in the middle. Treadmills, water rowers and assault bikes will have their places in this space, too. The functional high-intensity room will be home to boot camps and total body resistance exercises.

Spinning is a popular class at the West Clubhouse, but it’s never had its own studio. With Phase Two, that will change. The fifth racquetball court will be converted into a large spinning studio with leaderboard technology, which Tuhro said will allow participants to see their statistics on the wall and compete with others in their class.

Additionally on the lower level, a new space will offer new types of stretching packages that will benefit all members.

“For the first time ever, we’re going to bring physical therapy into the Club,” Tuhro says. “A lot of people go elsewhere for physical therapy, and they end up with six people to one physical therapist. We’re looking at a company right now that will only do one-on-ones and only handles private clubs.”

Tuhro said having an in-house physical therapy group will allow for a great relationship to form between the physical therapists and the MAC training staff, and they’re looking forward to being able to help serve members in-house. The new assessment space will also offer metabolic testing, where members can find out how their bodies burn energy and use oxygen. “It’s geared specifically for you to get the best workout you possibly can in the shortest amount of time,” Tuhro says. “If you’re trying to lose weight, this’ll help feed into nutrition plans. It’s breaking it down into deeper science, not just generalizations.”  

Another huge feature coming to the MAC West Clubhouse is a space geared specifically to kids who have aged out of the child care facility – for those between around 5 and 12 years old. While plans are still being developed for this space, features could include climbing-type walls, interactive games on the walls and more. Children would also be able to host their birthday parties in this area.

The space directly above on the upper level will be a classroom for camps like the American Girl Camp and Little Veterinarian School. The room will also be used for programming and could possibly grow to include study halls in the evenings, music lessons, private tutoring and more, Tuhro said. Plans include smart boards for instruction-type classes and a soft seating area to serve as a hang-out spot for kids.

“We’ll be able to do a lot more programs and keep our members in the Club and save them money by not having to have multiple memberships,” Tuhro said.

Phase Two construction will be taking place throughout the remainder of 2019, but current plans slate the end of the project to be early 2020.

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