7/21/2023 7:20:12 AM

Weddings at the MAC

Wedding days are just one of the special memories families make at the MAC. Multiple couples and the MAC’s Catering Department spoke on the Missouri Athletic Club Connections podcast about planning and then enjoying their big day.

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7/10/2023 3:46:25 PM

The Journey of the MAC: Part Two

The resilient journey of the Missouri Athletic Club began after its success in the 1904 Fair Olympic competition. With ambitious plans to expand its athletic program and participate in various competitions, the MAC attracted talented athletes. Notable events like the Cross Country Marathon and the Mississippi River Swim brought fame, while boxing, wrestling, water polo, basketball, and baseball all thrived. The Club's social aspects also flourished. However, tragedy struck in 1914 with a devastating fire, leaving the Club's future uncertain. The gripping series will delve into the MAC's heroic resurgence from the ashes and its remarkable rise to glory in the "tinseled twenties."

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6/30/2023 10:47:20 AM

July Cherry Diamond

The July issue of the Cherry Diamond is now online!

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